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Pitched roofs are very common in Edinburgh and the Lothians, many of which were clad in natural slate or tiles several decades ago. This is testament to the outstanding longevity slate and tiled roof cladding can provide.

Inverleith Roofing & Building appreciate that undertaking a roof refurbishment is a significant investment for our clients; for this reason our skilled tradesman ensure we are installing only high quality material in accordance with the latest technical standards. 

We always work closely with clients to minimize disruption and complete works in a clean and tidy manner as soon as practicably possible.  

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We  are experienced in working with various types of slate including Scotch, Welsh, Spanish and Norwegian. We have undertaken many refurbishments on listed and conservation buildings where we salvaged the majority of the existing Scotch slate and re-slated the roof in traditional diminishing courses. 

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Tiles can provide a cost effective approach to refurbishing your roof, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing finish to the property. We work with various types of tiles including concrete and clay, which are carefully installed in accordance to the manufacturers guidelines

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